Wasim Arslan


In de Oosterkerk:


Wasim Arslan is a promising talented Syrian singer, grew up in ancient Aleppo with a voice of a nightingale.
The young legendary musician; with his voice like a nightingale and sensitive soul, Wasim Arslan has been through the dark side of life, he experienced and survived a lot during the war in Aleppo, Syria. Yet he kept challenging the horrifying circumstances inspired by music and motivated by the smiles around him.

Surviving the whole adventure of the sea and mountains, he reached The Netherlands safe & sound in 2015 to start a new life.

Later on Wasim and five other international musicians formed “Sarsaria” a band focused on Oriental Traditional Dance Music and they performed on stage in several events such as; Mysteryland, ByondFestival, What Design Can Do? And yet a lot more to come for the limitless aspirations he has.

After all what he went through, Wasim feels a sense of responsibility to represent his home country Syria, and to give his music and talent a bigger role in uniting people and building bridges at a time of war and division. He has been performing at several events in the Netherlands such as Mysteryland, What Design Can Do? in the Muziekgebouw theater and Global Goals Jam, leading up to the creation of Sarsaria Band, alongside with another four international talents. The band focus on oriental traditional dance music and they performed on stage in BeyondFestival, Magneet Festival, Landjuweel and NoordPark Festival.