Santiago Suárez Canón


In de Oosterkerk:


Santiago Suárez Canón (1995) started his piano studies at the age of 17 in Cádiz under Diana López Rodríguez’s leading, receiving puntual masterclasses from performers such as Guillermo González, Benedicte Palko, Javier Herreros, Graham Jackson, Ángel Sanzo, Luis Fernando Pérez or Konrad Elser.

Later on, he begun his Bachelor degree in Conservatorio Superior de Castilla y León under great pianists’ teaching such as Patrin García Barredo and José Felipe Díaz in classic repertoire, Alberto Rosado and Brenno Ambrosini in contemporary repertoire, and Alejandro Bustamante and Ángelo Montanaro in chamber music repertoire.

Besides that, he collaborates in different projects together with Orquesta de Castilla y León, with conductors and artists such as Jean-Christophe Spinosi, Andrew Gourlay, Fernando Velázquez, Amancio Prada or Jordi Casas.

He has been finalist of the VIII Concurso De Jóvenes Intérpretes del Conservatorio Joaquín Villatoro de Jerez, and he obtained as well other prizes in R.C.P.M. Manuel de Falla competitions: A first prize in the soloist competition and a second prize in the chamber music modality.

At the same time, he joined various projects of diverse styles such as “Jazz on Five” quintet, “In Process” covers’ group, or the recording of the CD “Seis Gritos Al Sol” from “Mystic Queen” band.