Dokwerk Saxophone Quartet

In de Oosterkerk:


The Dokwerk Saxophone Quartet is a young and energetic chamber music ensemble established in 2019. Coming from four different parts of the world, Lisa Schreiber, Jen-Hong Wu, Ileana Termini and Pedro Silva all driven by their passion for music have found together in the culturally vibrant city of Amsterdam, where the four of them are currently studying at the Conservatorium under the guidance of the Dutch saxophone coryphées Arno Bornkamp and Willem van Merwijk. As part of their internationally renowned saxophone class they have already performed in some of the great Dutch concert halls, such as the Concertgebouw Amsterdam and Muziekgebouw aan ‘t IJ.


Eager to learn and broaden their horizons they regularly attend masterclasses all over the world, learning from their important saxophonist forebears such as Joonatan Rautiola and Lars Mlekusch, but also draw inspiration from non-saxophonist sources (as the baroque specialist Walter van Hauwe).

In combining their four different cultures and backgrounds they are provided a never-ceasing richness and variety of musical possibilities and choices.


Individually awarded laureates of various national as well as international competitions, they have joined forces in the endeavour of finding new and innovative ways of expression. Open-mindedly and light-heartedly seeking to secure a constant place for the classical saxophone in the music of today and tomorrow!