Paula dos Santos




Paula dos Santos is Portuguese.
She completed a Master’s degree in Fine Arts, in 2001.
As student, Paula exhibited regularly in renowned galleries and cultural institutions in Portugal.
ln 2000, she was one of the 31 most important yang Portuguese artists, and her work was exhibited at the “National Portuguese Day Exhibition”, opened by the Portuguese Prime Minister.
Her art work was from that point, photography, screen printing, painting and performance.
Since 2002, Santos lives in Amsterdam; she was member and owner of an art studio at Open Ateliers Zuidoost, until 2010. Here she has done many exhibitions and projects; mostly performance and installation as well painting and photography.
Her performance / installation “Black and White” was the official art work at the opening of the new Ateliers, at Stichting Ateliers Zuidoost, Amsterdam, in 2006.
In 2013, Paula dos Santos become a member of the group “Tekenen in Nieuw West “, experimenting and exploring for the first the immense possibilities of drawing.
At the MLB gallery, Amsterdam, in January 2014, Paula exhibited for the first time her new art work, titled “The Red Women”.
Since then, Paula has continued to work and develop this project. And showed “The Red Women” in several exhibitions in Amsterdam.


About her work

Although Paula can express herself in many ways: Screen printing, Painting, Photography, Performance, Installation and Drawing. Has been there always specifics topics that seems fascinate her: space, time and the emptiness in the human being.
The Installations are mostly spaces where people are forced to experience an extreme or exceptional feeling.
At the performance and photography Paula wants to show the human emptiness.
The paintings show abstract spaces where men often feel lost.
Currently, Paula dos Santos draws and paints people in red colour without faces, in empty and unknown spaces.